Who is AmbushArachnids?

Our introduction to Arachno-Culture and you the fellow Tarantula Hobbyist.

Greetings fellow Arachno-hobbyist,

My name is Douglas Ples. For the last 12 years I've been fascinated with Tarantulas. Our roots go a little farther than that though. When I was very young, 5-8 years old.. I would often wonder around our 4-acre woods. I was always fascinated by the local fauna. This included spiders most of all. One in particular has always been the orb weaver. With bold high contrasting black and white lines, sometimes bright yellows.. I would find insects and watch in awe as the spider rushed down to the middle of the web and quickly spun its prey into a bundle. Soon, a small remanence was left of what was a succulent dragon fly.. The spider, had eaten. I would go back each day I could and find new ones to feed. I didn't realize early on that I would be crazy about spiders well into my 20's and now mid 30's. Let alone breeding and keeping an entire room full. I was introduced into the hobby by a pet store find, from that moment I was unknowingly enamored. I would go back each day I had extra money to collect a different species. Soon I found information online displaying the exuberant variety of Tarantulas. As well as the volume and wealth of information online. I encourage you to take the journey into learning and absorbing the information these wonderful misunderstood creatures have to offer. However, I must warn you, one potato chip is never enough! Back to the point. Another way I encourage the necessary husbandry education is through books. If you're not inclined to scour the internet's artifacts, then you need to get your hands on The Tarantula Keepers Guide. Why not both? As always, we do offer husbandry advice and can coach you in your new purchase to get started.


To conclude the Arachno-culturist lament if you have any questions about placing an order or making a selection from our site you are more than welcome to email us at AmbushArachnids@gmail.com